Wine Wisdom…What The Pros Know

When it comes to guidance on choosing the best wine to pair with a special dinner,

it is not as difficult as it sounds.

Researching this important subject, here is what we have learned and in turn share with you: Pairing wine with food can be challenging even when a meal is simple. But for a holiday dinner, when food is usually plentiful in a variety of both traditional and ethnic offerings, selecting an appropriate wine can feel downright humbling. But don’t let it be!

A general rule: rather than trying to pair wine to individual flavors or dishes, focus on varieties that complement a wide range of foods. Our experts recommend that the best choices are wines that can blanket the entire dinner. Sound complicated? It’s not!

In the red wine category, light-bodied choices that avoid heavy use of oak are a great option. Beaujolais, once again gaining in well-deserved recognition, are a source of lighter-bodied, easy-drinking reds that tend to pack enough fruit and acid to complement but not overshadow a range of dishes and flavors. Kevin, from The Spring Lake Bottle Shop, suggests a French Gamay, like Cru Beaujolais, or one from the Alsace region known for aromatic, floral and spicy white wines. Carl at Lush in Asbury Park recommends the Louis Jadot’s Beaujolais when pairing with Thanksgiving dinner.

Fine-boned and delicate Pinot Noirs, like many of those made in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, are a great choice and considered to be a food friendly wine as well with classic fall