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Driftwood Coffee House

Welcome to Driftwood. A Coastal Coffee House.  

Love great coffee?  So do we! Our passion for delivering awesome coffee is the driving force behind what we do. We're a coffee house that offers more than a place to order and go. Browse through a selection of hand picked, shore related retail items. Tap into the free Wi-Fi to catch up on things or just surf the web as you enjoy your coffee. Or just sit back, relax and escape the daily grind. As your local coffee house, we focus on delivering high-quality espresso based beverages, while providing a comfortable environment for those who wish to get together. Plus we’ll offer a few select edible items for you to choose from, too. 

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The Beanery.webp

The Beanery

A lunch cafe established in 1996, The Beanery Gourmet Market is pleased to bring you the World's Finest Chai-Tea, Vegan/Vegetarian/Gluten Free Options, Specialty Coffee/Tea/Desserts, Dine In/Take Out/Catering/ Private Parties "Big Train Gourmet Drinks" uses only the world's finest ingredients to produce their Chai! "Drink Chai, Embrace Life.

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Turnstile Coffee Roasters

Turnstile Coffee Roasters is the result of a two-year discovery of specialty coffee. The term ‘specialty coffee’ refers to a niche market in the coffee industry that focuses on a higher quality coffee than what is typically available in most grocery stores, cafes, and restaurants. Specialty coffee is also the resulting product. It’s coffee that is special in the way it’s grown and special in the way it’s processed, roasted, prepared and presented. And most important, specialty coffee is special in the way it tastes. The flavors, aromas, and body in specialty coffee are more pleasant and intense than what you would find in other coffee that we are typically exposed to as consumers.

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Odyssey Coffee.webp

Odyssey Coffee

Odyssey Coffee brings you top notch coffee, espresso, and tea - and the Jersey Shore’s freshest, most tastiest baked wonders. We have a laid back yet efficient vibe so you can get in and out quickly if that’s your m.o., or stay put with your face in a book.

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Asbury Park Roastery.webp

Asbury Park Roastery

Asbury Park Roastery is a small coffee roasting company that opened its doors in February of 2007. We specialize in selling freshly roasted coffee, primarily fair trade and organic, to retail and wholesale customers. We also offer a line of fine-quality, organic loose leaf teas, as well as accessories and confections.

Our philosophy is simple - make it good - from our product offerings and our service, to our relationships with both our customers and our suppliers.

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Sweet Tease Tea Room.webp

Sweet Tease Tea Room

We love TEA! But it's more than our beverage of choice. Throughout history Tea and the process of having tea has provided everything from comfort and well being to a way for people of different opinions to gather and partake in (mostly) civilized conversation. Sweet Tease hopes to be a place for all of these things. At Sweet Tease our Mission and Purpose is To promote a Thirst for Knowledge; a Hunger for Diversity, a Craving for Civility and a Safe place for all to Gather & Indulge. Join us on our delicious quest.

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Coffee Surf co..webp

Coffee Surf Co.

At Coffee Surf coffee roasters, roasting coffee is our passion. Here at Coffee Surf, we believe in living life to the fullest and enjoying the best cup of coffee possible. Life's too short to drink bad coffee.

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Rook Coffee.webp

Rook Coffee

Quality is our most important driver. We meticulously select, roast, brew and taste coffee, always pushing for the perfect product. Simplicity is shown through our love for great coffee and our desire to share it with you in its most genuine form. We invite customers to leave distractions behind, join us and simply enjoy their coffee experience. Which leads us to our third promise - experience. We seek happiness with each and every interaction and believe your positive experience is just as important as the coffee you’re sipping.

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