Time to Secure those Beach Badges - Asbury Park to Bay Head

Updated: Feb 11

Can’t wait to hit the beach? We know just how you feel. Get ready by securing your beach passes as soon as they go on sale. We have the important info you need to know to make that happen.

The VIPLY app, for seasonal and daily badge purchases, seems to be the norm again this year (unless otherwise noted below). This app is free, really easy to use, and makes the all-important contactless transactions possible. Just search 'VIPLY' in your app store to get started.


1) Scan the QR code

2) Text "BADGE" TO 44622

Plus, when beaches become full the VIPLY app will let you know before you go. How cool is that?

Here's a look at available badge prices and general information for beaches from Asbury Park to Bay Head.