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Time to Secure those Beach Badges - Asbury Park to Bay Head

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

Can’t wait to hit the beach? We know just how you feel. Get ready by securing your beach passes as soon as they go on sale. We have the important info you need to know to make that happen.

The VIPLY app, for seasonal and daily badge purchases, seems to be the norm again this year (unless otherwise noted below). This app is free, really easy to use, and makes the all-important contactless transactions possible. Just search 'VIPLY' in your app store to get started.


1) Scan the QR code

2) Text "BADGE" TO 44622

Plus, when beaches become full the VIPLY app will let you know before you go. How cool is that?

Here's a look at available badge prices and general information for beaches from Asbury Park to Bay Head.

Asbury Park Beach Badges

  • Weekday, Weekend, and Seasonal adult badges will go on sale this Spring.

  • For the latest up-to-date beach badge information visit

Avon-By-the-Sea Beach Badges

  • Badges can typically be purchased at the beach at any one of Avon’s 3 tag booths, Washington Ave., Sylvania Ave. or Norwood Ave. badges may also be purchased before summer at the borough office beginning in early May.

  • Season badge: $100, Junior (12-18) or Senior (65+) season badge: $55. 11 and under are free.

  • For more information about the Avon-By-The-Sea beaches, call (732) 502-4510 or visit the Avon-By-The-Sea http:

Belmar Beach Badges

Seasonal beach badge purchases for 2021 will be contactless, meaning, VIPLY app for seasonal and daily badge purchases.

  • Seasonal Badge: $70 for adults, $30 for senior citizens (65+)

  • Daily badge $9, required for ages 16 and up.

  • For more information about the Belmar beaches, call (732) 681-3700 or visit the Belmar Tourism

Bradley Beach Badges

  • Beach Tags available at Borough Hall during the hours of 9 am-3:30 pm Monday through Friday except for holidays.

  • Season badges are $70 during the pre-season sale (through April 1, 2021.)

  • Daily badge: $9, Season badge: $80, Junior season badge: (ages 13-15) and seniors (65+) are $30.

  • For more information about the Bradley Beach beaches, call (732) 776-2999 or visit the Bradley Beach

Manasquan Beach Badges

Ocean Grove Beach Badges

  • Seasonal before April 30 $85, $95 after. Season badge ages 12-17, $50.

  • Daily wristband: $10. Badges required for 12 and up.

  • Purchase all badges on VIPLY, or visit the Ocean Grove

Sea Girt Beach Badges

  • Season badge $110.

  • Daily $11. (quantities will be limited)

  • Can be purchased online or through Community Pass.

  • For more information about the Sea Girt beaches, call (732) 449-9335 or visit the Sea Girt

Spring Lake Beach Badges

  • Season badge $110 **SOLD OUT**

  • Daily badge $10. Required for age 12 and up.

  • For more information about the Spring Lake beaches, call (732) 449-0800 or visit the Spring Lake

Point Pleasant Beach (Jenkinson's) Badges

Point Pleasant Beach (Martell's) Badges

  • $80 for the season until May 1. Visit For more information about the Point Pleasant beaches, call (732) 892-0600.


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