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Set the Perfect Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving table presentations can really set the mood for the entire holiday.

Whether a small gathering, buffet or a large sit-down, your table setting is one of the first things guests will see upon arriving at your house for Thanksgiving dinner. In our humble opinion, it’s pretty important!

Aside from the meal you worked so hard preparing – your friends and family will be remembering this day for some time to come. We're here to help you make your table as beautiful and inviting as possible by listing our step-by-step guidelines.

First rule of the day: Space is limited, keep it simple but beautiful.

1. Choosing the Right Dishes

The plates and serving dishes you choose can help set the overall tone for your celebration. The pieces need not match. What is important is that everything has a harmonious style and palette. Large, plain white dinner plates are a good choice for both elegant and casual settings.

As an example, maybe think white. It doesn't have to be boring if you consider the white dish as a foundation to build on. Or try unmatched serving pieces that complement your dishes and tableware. This can add warmth and charm to the dining table.

2. Choosing Your Flatware

Mixing and matching flatware adds a touch of homey charm to the holiday table. Good-quality stainless-steel flatware goes with virtually any setting, from modern and informal to traditional and elegant.

Look for heavy pieces with thick handles. If you have a set of family silver,Thanksgiving is the ideal occasion to use it. Thrift stores and flea markets are great places to find special occasion flatware.

3. Don't Forget the Glass Wear

Well-chosen glassware can add sparkle and richness to the setting. Simple, classic stemware is always an appropriate choice for either a formal or casual Thanksgiving meal. Water glasses and wine glasses don't need to match but should be of a similar look. This is an easy way to create a sense of elegance.

4. Choose Table Linens

We've been known to use painters drop cloths with a brown craft paper runner down the middle. It's true! There are so many options out there from beautiful linen coverings to burlap. Get creative!

But when it comes to the napkins...always try for linen. And white is the easiest to clean after the guests have gone and cleanup begins.

5. Create The Centerpiece

You don’t have to use a traditional centerpiece to make a splash. Ans a large centerpiece can get in the way of dinner conversation. While that may well be preferable at some gatherings, consider: weathered wood, greenery or flowers and candles as the better choice.

Avoid putting so much in the middle of the table that no one has room to put their glass down. The centerpiece can be simple and still be beautiful.

Luckily for you, we've done the legwork work of rounding up the best shops that will offer everything you need from creating your Thanksgiving centerpieces to unique place cards:

Surprise your guests with a gorgeous, thoughtful tablescape this holiday season. There are a million little things you can do to bring on the pizzazz and style.

Here are examples of a few of our past favorites


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