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Faherty Brand - Spring Lake Brothers Doing Good & Doing Well

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

Possibly one of the most discussed topics of 2020-21 might just be what one wears on a ZOOM call. We've all seen or heard mention of the colleague or friend who throws professionalism and personal style to the wind (and let's face it, pride too!) while virtually meeting with others. Most people haven't been wearing their usual work or "going out" clothes for over a year now due to the stay-at-home restrictions in place. The perceived change in work and personal expectations has created the opportunity to search for clothing brands that not only look great, but are also more easily worn at home.

Some clothing lines have been scrambling to design fashion to meet these new needs. Others, like Faherty Brand, were way ahead of the curve. With the dream of creating high-quality, comfortable apparel long before the pandemic made it cool, twin brothers from Spring Lake, New Jersey, Mike and Alex Faherty, officially launched their business in 2013. And now have a location in their home town.

The seeds of this venture were germinating long before it's inception, however. For the required essay accompanying his college application, Mike wrote about starting a clothing and lifestyle brand detailing his vision. He had a plan. And following graduation, Mike worked at Ralph Lauren, learning the tools of the trade from one of the icons in the industry, where he stayed for 10 years. Alex spent his twenties honing his finance and business acumen in private equity, which gave him a firm grasp of the nuts and bolts of launching a business. Meanwhile , Alex's wife Kerry focused on human rights and community building as her post-law school career.

Now, you might not guess that this collection of professional strengths would meld. But the building of Faherty Brand tells a different story. With their combined knowledge, this family was ready to start their business. There was just one final element missing. That's when Alex and Mike brought their mother, Ninie, on board to oversee design. This talented group credits an "all in the family" business approach to their success that is apparent from product design to the attitude of the people on the sales floor. They do this by practicing core values such as “be your best, deliver on promises, be better together, spread good vibes, lead consciously, and stay authentic.”

But their ethos goes beyond attention to customer relationships. The Faherty personal pledge to do their part to preserve the environment, in spite of the general reputation of the fashion industry, is apparent.

The company, whose commitment to producing their Men's and Women's collections made of 85% sustainable materials, partnered with bluesign® to avoid harmful chemicals and to track the raw materials they use in their products. And the Brand's commitment to global connectiveness has never been clearer than during these past 12 months. For their Instagram followers, @fahertybrands has hosted acoustic music performances, launched the returning better together segment "Truth Talks", highlighted artists, sculptures, potters and the Native Community - all to promote global awareness and understanding.

The brand was created to suit a lifestyle aesthetic that's laid-back and easy, while still being quite sophisticated. According to Faherty's marketing director, the company wants to "dress you for your favorite moments...for all of the ordinary times that, in hindsight, come to feel extraordinary." Whether their customers are going to work or spending time with friends and family, the Faherty customer knows that there is no need to sacrifice comfort for style. Their approach to life and living comfortably explains their success - not to mention the welcoming and inclusive vibe of the entire team the moment you walk into an FB store.

Recognized by numerous media outlets: The Boston Globe, Bloomberg News. WWD. Gear Patrol. LA Times. Men's Journal. Forbes. The New York Times, they were most recently included in Forbes America's Best Startup Employers 2021. The Faherty Brand brick and mortar stores can be found in New York, Massachusetts, California, New Jersey, Florida, Montana, and Wyoming. They are always looking for new ways to expand and provide their customers with tactile, in-person experiences, so many are hoping they'll consider staking claim in the Midwest. In the meantime, if you're not close to one of their storefront locations, you can find their products in retail stores all over the United States and online at

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