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Letters to Santa

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

It's been a tough year but, thankfully, we can count on the holidays to bring some well-needed cheer. One of the best things about Christmas is the innocent wonder of children eagerly awaiting Santa's arrival. To bring a little joy to your day, we have a collection of letters to the North Pole from generations of children counting the days until he flies through the night!

"Dear Santa: Bring me a horse, ox, your love, a doll, of coarse I am a boy but I love girl dolls, and pumpkin pie. Ernest" 1907

"Dear, Santa me and my little Brother have been Ben tring oure our Best to Be good! But first things first I wou like to be a elf on the shelf ive I have Ben practicing I can sit on a shelf for like a half hour so far, And my Brouther Mickael wou love to Be a raindeer in fact hes practicing rite Now! he can fly two inchis!" 🎀

"Dear Santa After reading your letter in the Brady Standard, I thought it was about time to write to you. I hardly know what to ask you for as you have been so good to me every Christmas. The only thing I select is a pair of bedroom slippers. Your friend, Voncile Duderstadt" 1920

"Dear Santa, ✨

How are you and the raindeer doing? I am doing fine. I want a

new football game and football because my brother always try

to steal my things. He may look sweet but he is the DEVIL. Love Evan" 1952

PS "How do you get into my house on Christmas?"

"Dear Santa Claus: I thought I would write and tell you what I wanted for Christmas. A gun. story book, sword, stocking full of candy, pair of shoes and a knife. Don't fool me! Conrad D." 1921

Dear Santa Claus: I thought I would write while I have time. I want a watch and a pistol. I want a toy flute and a toy truck and a pencil sharpener. Thank you. From your friend, Tom Bradley, Jr. (1927)

Dear Santa: Will you please bring me a scooter-scoot, a horn, a football, a blackboard and a box of handkerchiefs for Christmas and if you have anything else for me send it to some other little boy who has no parents. I try to be a good boy. Your loving friend, A. M. Finlay, Jr. (1923)

Dear Santa Claus: I’ve been the very best little boy lately, and if you don’t hurry and come, I don’t know if I can stay good much longer. I just want a few things this year, as daddy says Santa is as poor as he is. I’d like a tractor, a car, a ball, a bat, gloves, and a lot of fruit and candy and nuts. Now Santa, don’t make a mistake and bring me a doll, ‘cause I’m no “sissy;” I’m a real “man.” Soon 9 years old. Love to you, Santa. Forrest Roberts (1930)

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Such sweet Santa notes...I especially loved the one that said though Ava now “ knew the truth”, she wanted to say how much joy believing had brought her for 9 1/2 years. Thank you for reminding us to look for the joy, especially this season.

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