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Gifts for your Valentine

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

Roses, candy, jewelry…all gifts most of us would love to receive any day. But thinking outside the (chocolate) box, make a statement with one of our very thoughtful, unexpected – and totally cool gifts for the love of your life. (TIP: no harm in picking up the chocolates and flowers, too, just in case...)

All of our suggestions can be found at small, locally-owned businesses from Asbury Park to Bay Head and may require advance ordering. So, let your fingers do the tapping.

Custom portrait of a furry friend

for a particularly fun spin on portraiture by the very talented artist Molly Johnson. Capture the canine/feline personality exactly the way your devoted Valentine knows it to be. Priceless!

You can find molly www.mainstreetgallery @mainstreetgallerynj or @gomollymae

Case of a favorite wine

may be one of the best gifts this holiday for a number of reasons! And while a trip to your local wine shop, where it might feel like there are 10,000 different bottles of wine in front of you, might be intimidating - it doesn't have to be. There are some truly knowledgeable and engaging folks at our local shops enthusiastically ready to guide you.

Book - Dog Poems

for the lover of man's best friend, an offering from New Directions Publishing. Whether exploding with the joy of a new puppy or mourning the loss of a tender lifelong friend, these poems offer something to dog lovers, poets, and poetry readers: in short, just about everyone.

Bouquet of succulents

is the gift that keeps on giving! Besides offering a soothing vibe, these to-die-for desert delights can be replanted to keep the love going. Find them at: Terra Earth and Surf; Barlow's Flowers; The Herbary at Bear Creek. @terraearthandsurf

Locally distilled liquor

from obviously talented producers offering tours of their distillery. You don't have to be a spirts lover yourself to gift the perfectly chosen, award winning bourbon, vodka, whisky or rum - for the connoisseur in your life! And consider the presentation for that extra WOW!

Adirondack blanket

is a custom woven cotton cover, brushed for a time-worn, soft hand feel.

Faherty Brands can help with a perfect gift for these winter months. A promised invitation to your Valentine's favorite restaurant with outdoor seating to pair with the blanket - couldn't be more romantic. Cozy!

Hand-blown tumblers

fashioned individually using a wooden mold to set the shape. The rocks glasses hold roughly 8 oz. of liquid and make quite a statement. Visit Source and Tradition or Hot Sand for these beauties. It's 6PM somewhere!


Swedish, aromatherapy, hot stone, deep tissue, shiatsu, are not just for women. There is nothing like time well spent (Covid precautions taken) to keep that body working towards feeling like his/her best self.

Electric bike tour

because spring is almost here - really! Pedego Bikes offers their famous Bike and Bites tour that's guided by one of their own pros. And guaranteed to get your Valentine off the couch and out in the fresh air. Great way to revisit the Shore!

Chocolate covered strawberries

at Stockroom Modern General are luscious, fresh-dipped, organic treats to satisfy a healthy sweet tooth! Fun, delicious, unexpected and so pretty! SMG also features, for this special occasion, live orchids beautifully presented in an antique inspired container. Advance orders required.

Happy Valentine's Day


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