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Craft & Microbreweries from Asbury Park to Bay Head

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

Countdown to Super Bowl LV is upon us and we ask, “is there any better pairing than football and beer?” (Perhaps aside from one’s significant other.) Fortunately for us, we have a number of award winning craft and microbreweries from AP-BH. The constant rush of ads for mass-market beers like Bud Light and Heineken are everywhere and if those and others in the crowded mass marketed category are your choice – great. But if interesting and creative craft beer is your thing then you are in the right place. And no matter who wins the game, you are guaranteed to enjoy great taste and quality among friends.

We are proud to list our local breweries for you, most having worked at their artform for years and are ready to serve. Drink local but not necessarily small!


offers fan favorite beers like Al’s Boring Beer, Pina Colada IPA ( just to give you a taste of summer) Super Halftime & Double Unicorn Girls to name a few. Obviously, this crew knows how to have fun. Their unique approach - creating recipes and developing fermentation processes - guarantees an ideal opportunity to create a variety of types and styles of beers. This microbrewery, owned by husband & wife duo, Chelsey, and Mike, serves lager and IPAs right off the line. If enjoying at home is your preference, BBP has recently expanded its delivery options to include ALL of Monmouth and Ocean counties! With a $50 minimum on any order placed using their online Pre Order option.

Additionally, BBP has a BYO food policy. Who doesn’t love that!

address: 714 Main St, Bradley Beach

phone: 732-455-8947


Asbury Park Brewery

has BIG NEWS! APB won’t be open for Super Bowl Sunday…wait for it...but WILL be opening a NEW tasting room in a NEW Asbury Park location (details to follow). This local and highly regarded microbrewery, founded by musician/lawyer Jeff Plate, will offer MORE access, MORE beers on tap, and MORE local food options. We like where this is headed! Meanwhile, all their very popular APB brands are still widely available at your local store or on tap at bars and restaurants throughout the tri-state area.


Beach Haus Brewery - Belmar

just welcomed esteemed chef David Burke to their family. With the expertise and creativity of Chef Burke we can expect to see his unmistakable imprint as the perfect mate to the intriguing variety of beers we’ve come to expect from BHB. Brew master Dillon explained “The Beer Haus is known for offering a wide range of beers so that there’s something for everyone. With our own production facility, The Beach Haus services restaurants and bars throughout New Jersey, into eastern PA and are currently looking to expand our footprint into additional states.” Lots of changes – all good. In addition to their regular menu the BHB will be offering a Super Bowl package for Sunday. To-go beers and food available

address: 801 Main St., Belmar



Little Dog Brewery - Neptune City

specializes in handcrafted small-batch German and English-style ales and special seasonal beers created by veteran Brew master Gretchen Schmidhausler - New Jersey's first professional woman brewer. Having gained a reputation for creating authentic, flavorful and drinkable beers, Gretchen won three medals at the Great American Beer Festival. Presently, Little Dog offers beers to-go and are open on Friday & Saturday with “weather permitting” patio pours. THEY WILL BE OPEN FOR SUPERBOWL SUNDAY. Just to be safe and because we are living in an ever-changing time, it’s best to call before coming.

address: 141 Steiner Ave, Neptune City

phone: 832-361-3555


Last Wave Brewing - Point Pleasant Beach

proudly states that they are “just about good beer” and you’ve got to love that. This Point Pleasant Beach brewery has an undeniable surfer vibe which owners Bert & Nick proudly promote. They came to the Jersey Shore with the goal of brewing and serving unique, handcrafted ales while pushing limits - just like a good surf session. Having just introduced their latest: Downbeach Effect, a kettle soured ale that balances the sweetness of vanilla with the tart punch of raspberry, they can clearly back that up. And followed by Defroster Winter Warmer which offers a hint of toasted pecans and maple syrup. Respecting the process, they only use the best ingredients and brew and serve everything right on the premises. To meet their crew, see their lineup and place your order visit Their new additions, along with their fan favorites, are carried by retailers and are available for pickup from the tasting room.

In a non-COVID-19 environment, LWB encourages patrons to bring in favorite foods from a number of the local eateries and welcomes dogs. Better weather is coming!

address: 601 Bay Avenue, Point Pleasant Beach

Phone: 732-450-8600



Frye Brewing

is owned and operated by long-time Point Pleasant residents Colleen and Mike Frye. Their love for community and family is apparent by the quality of their beer and the hospitality shown to every guest. If you’ve been confusing your pilsners with your IPA’s and imperial stouts, just consult with one the Fry Crew. Or if in need a primer on terms like crisp, hop, malt, roast, smoke, fruit and spice, and tart and funky these expert brewers are will willing explain.

Now for the good stuff: look for their Velvet Chainsaw, Fireside Imperial Brown, Dark and Coffee in The Dark, Oops Ale (a kettle soured ale infused with just-picked-berry flavors: raspberry, blackberry, and blueberry-had to google this one!) as well as Red, Blonde, Dub Proof Doppelbock to name a few.

In addition to a welcoming tap room, FB provides beer to retail outlets in PP. Plans are in the works for a local collaboration with their friends @lastwavebrewing

How awesome is that??

address:2257 Bridge Ave, Point Pleasant

phone: 732-604-4263



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