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Cherry Blossoms in Spring Lake are the stars of Springtime…

And typically show their glory in early April. This year’s cherry blossoms’ predicted arrival is anywhere between April 1st and April 5th.

It has been said that the in-between season of winter into spring is akin to a sleeping bear that emerges from its cave, sometime very slowly and sometimes enthusiastically bursting out. Everything holds its breath for a minute between the seasons…and then there is this gorgeous explosion of spring.

Although fleeting, cherry blossom season is one of the first welcoming signs of nature’s rebirth. We can predictably count on the blossoms exploding and then returning to dormancy within the span of a month. So, let’s seize the moment and celebrate this amazing feat of nature by taking it all in with a walk through the trees or even a drive by the camera-ready blooms.

Cherry Blossom season is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and perhaps may be one of the first signs one thinks of when considering the onset of Spring. For many, the splendor of the blooming trees may be synonymous with our Nation’s Capital. However, those in-the-know, true New Jersey aficionados, may disagree with this, suggesting instead a visit to the amazing Branch Brook Park in Newark. This attraction, which owns bragging rights to the largest collection of Cherry Blossom trees within the United States, we are told, has more flowering trees than the Capitol itself and is second only to Japan in number of trees. But lucky for us, we don’t have to travel to the Far East, Washington DC or even Newark. We are in the enviable position of never needing to leave the Shore to see this memorable display of nature that can be found right in Spring Lake. And in this climate of social restrictions what could be more perfect.

For anyone who passes through Spring Lake at this time in early April, when the blossoms across Divine Park bloom, words like epic, Iconic and quintessential come to mind. Be prepared to witness picturesque footbridges that appear to sweep through the flowering trees - the variety deliberately chosen to boom at different times over a 3-4 week period. A sure indicator that summer is right around the corner.

The history behind the artfully designed Divine Park in the center of Spring Lake has evolved over the years. But most recently we can credit their all-volunteer Shade Tree Committee for the town’s beautiful array of flowering trees. In 2013 the town applied for and received a grant from the State to plant 65 trees and then the Committee added and additional 25 for a total of 90 trees. The variety planted was chosen based upon four distinct flowering trees that line the DC National Mall and surround the Tidal Basin.

The beauty and diversity of 16-acre Divine Park is well-known as an ideal back drop for engagement, wedding and family photos. A newly improved Nature Walk winds around the lake offering the perfect opportunity to view the amazing cherry blossoms and perhaps catch a glimpse of one of the six varieties of birds that make their home throughout the year on and around the water.

Although Spring Lake is the location that immediately comes to mind and with which we are most familiar, you may know of additional places from Asbury Park to Bay Head that are similarly home to these gorgeous trees. Please let us know @theshorebook. We'll add them to the article, let our Instagram followers "in" on their location, and check them out ourselves.

The trees in Divine Park have been freshened up with mulch and are set for their not-to-be-missed, camera ready, Spring 2021 debut!

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