Recycling Made Simple

Most people know the little triangle symbol at the bottom of plastic bottles means 'recycle' but there is so much more to this important subject. Just because an item has a triangle on the bottom doesn't necessarily mean it can be recycled.

The numbers we refer to indicate the grade of plastic and can also tell you about their safety and uses. We’ve created this guide, with the help of environmentalists, scientists and the media, to help us determine the what and where of this sometimes complicated but important subject.

Simple, Quick & Easy Primer

With all that is going on in our world, particularly in the past year when we all did our absolute best to support local restaurants and small businesses, it’s been easy to lose site of the food and beverage packaging that contained our take-out items. Our trash and recycling have been conveniently disposed of with our efficient curbside pick-up and when out of our sight, it’s out of our minds.

The purpose of this article is to keep us well informed on what recycling is and how to do it thoughtfully. If everyone were to recycle properly, we could reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reduce landfill and polluted waste, protect ecosystems, and preserve natural resources — all vital steps to defeating climate change. Collectively, we can do this! Here’s how…

Know your numbers and what they mean.